Backyard Cambridge - A Local Politics Podcast

A podcast about local politics in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with support from the Lenfest Institute for Journalism.

Producer for Backyard Cambridge Season 3, Season 2, and the Mayor AMA series. Production Assistant for Backyard Cambridge Season 1. Check out the Backyard Cambridge website, and you can find all episodes here.

S3 Episode 3: Direct Democracy vs Bureaucracy

Are ballot questions really a form of pure direct democracy? Or are they a more complicated process? Today, we’re unpacking some arguments you don’t hear very much - arguments against the ballot question process itself. In what ways can this process be opaque, too influenced by money, or vulnerable to intervention by state legislators? We’ll also look at a possible solution right here in Massachusetts that could improve the ballot question process for everyone.

S2 Episode 2 : Why is the rent so damn high? (Housing Part 1)

Backyard Cambridge tackles arguably the biggest issue in Cambridge local politics today - affordable housing. We’re spending the next two episodes looking at the issue from all sides. Our goal is to figure out why it’s so difficult to find affordable housing in Cambridge. Has it always been like this? What government programs are there to help make housing more affordable? And what do local interest groups think we should do to make sure everyone has access to housing that’s affordable?

S2 Episode 1: Why is it so hard to create universal access to Pre-K in Cambridge?

Backyard Cambridge is back! In Season 2, we spend each episode taking a close looking an issue that's affecting the lives of the people living in Cambridge. First up is the topic of universal pre-Kindergarten. Specifically, what's holding back adoption of universal pre-K in the city? And why is it important that everyone, even Cantabrigians without children, care about this issue?

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