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Highlights of my work so far this year. Currently serving as the Reporting Fellow for WFAE 90.7, Charlotte's NPR station. Find more of my work at

Want To Go To The Moon? NASA Recruits At CIAA Career Fair

The Charlotte Convention Center’s Ballroom was a maze of booths filled with companies, professional schools, and government organizations on Thursday. They were there to meet students and recent graduates from historically black colleges and universities for the CIAA career fair. Clayton Turner chatted with students at the NASA booth. His sales pitch: that NASA’s spaceflight and robotics projects benefit everyone. Turner is NASA’s director of Langley Research Center in Virginia. He’s the first

Best of 2019

Transom Story Workshop (Spring 2019); Queen City Podcast Network Studio Producer (Summer 2019); WFAE Reporting Fellow (Beginning Fall 2019)

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Uptown Charlotte's Protected Bike Lane On Track, But Not Fast Enough For Cyclists

Cyclists would love to not worry about being hit by vehicles. And drivers would love to not worry about hitting cyclists. Charlotte planners believe a protected bike lane project will make everyone happier and safer on uptown's roads. Stephanie Bercht is a designer who works uptown. She commutes to work by bike every day — she says there’s no bad day to bike. You just need to be prepared. As prepared as Bercht is, she still gets scared on her commute into uptown.