Reporting Credits

Reporting and field sound I've done for radio.

Richardson To Sell Panthers; Sports Illustrated Reports Misconduct Allegations

[Conducted interview at 1:36 as well as background reporting] /// Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson is selling the team. Richardson, the team's only owner in its 23 seasons, made the announcement following Sunday's 31-24 win over the Packers - and on the same day that Sports Illustrated reported that at least four ex-employees received “significant monetary settlements,” stemming from inappropriate comments and behavior by Richardson.

GOP Mayor Hopefuls Differ On City's Affordable Housing Role

[Provided sound and background reporting.] /// Two of the three Republican candidates for Charlotte mayor addressed local party members Tuesday night, disagreeing on a key issue - whether the city has a role in affordable housing. Kenny Smith and Gary Dunn answered questions separately - Dunn at the beginning and Smith at the end of the forum hosted by the Mecklenburg Evening Women's Republican Club. Smith, who's currently on the city council, started his time by leading the crowd of about 120 in a chant, “Charlotte deserves better.”

Tape Syncs

Tape syncs I've completed for various radio shows and podcasts. Longer sound samples and details of my current kit are available upon request.

Why Don’t We Talk More About Mental Health? With Mike Shinoda, Dr. Gail Saltz and Dr. Ahmad Hariri

[Engineered 3-person interview with Baratunde Thurston, Mike Shinoda, and Dr. Gail Saltz] /// Join us for a real, raw and powerful conversation that calls on all of us to do our part in removing the shame and stigma surrounding mental illness. In the latest episode of Spit, host Baratunde Thurston discusses mental health with a trio of folks who are working every day to combat the stigma, using their expertise, their research and their platform to make a difference. In part one of this episode...

23: Not a Cake Walk: My Interview With Kim Daisy

[Conducted interview with Kim Daisy] /// I’m smart at getting to where I want to go, and I can teach you how to do it! I had 22 jobs before starting my real estate company with a $1000 loan and built it into a $5 billion business. Today I’m a ’Shark’ on ABC’s hit show "Shark Tank." It didn’t take a fancy degree to get here but took street smarts and a lot of courage. Life is too short to waste your time practicing someone else’s

Israel Story 32: King of the Hill

[Conducted Shimon Gibson interview at 21:40] /// From the top of Tell El-Ful, an abandoned hilltop in East Jerusalem, you can see all the way from Amman to Tel Aviv, from Jerusalem to Ramallah. And you can also travel back and forth in time, moving between the biblical King Saul and the bearded King Hussein. Along the way, we'll hear tales of brutalized concubines, murderous tribesmen, biblical archaeology, royal families and devastating wars.

The Land I Trust Episode 2: Generations

[Conducted Mayor Stephen Benjamin interview at 5:05] /// Southerners pass down traditions, stories and -- hopefully -- a better world to their children. The family stories in this episode come from people trying to do just that. Steve Benjamin, the first African American mayor of Columbia, South Carolina, is working for 100 percent clean energy -- and making progress. Tom & Sandra Clark, grandparents from North Carolina, are trying to preserve their home for their grandchildren. And Amy Mercado and Vic Torres, a father-daughter team from Florida, are